Cerulean Creatives: Specializing in Small Businesses

What We Do:

Cerulean Creatives helps small businesses develop effective web presence that will help them attract the kinds of clients they will want to do business with.  We believe that small companies can make substantial profits and provide the highest levels of service because they can know their processes and customers intimately and that intimate knowledge lets them do better work.  We facilitate that by designing websites with well crafted aesthetics, providing designs that speak to their ideal clients, helping them acquire the research and plans to find the right clients, creating interesting and attractive logos, conducting cross platform branding to unify their business’ message, and providing social media services to help them reach out to the best employees, employers, businesses, and clients.

We aim to help small businesses take advantage of the most important twenty-first century marketing venues, the internet and social media.  Our services will help you grow your business by making it simple for your customers to access your most important information and services from their computers, tablets and smartphones anywhere in the world.  We want to help you tap into the potential of modern internet technology.  We will bring your services to the broadest range of people possible, and we’ll help you brand your message and products to project a professional image, and help your business succeed.

Our company provides valuable services to people who need a way to present themselves online at a price they can afford.  We structured our business to be affordable for small businesses who are just starting out or who are working on a tight budget.  We will work with you to communicate what is most unique and valuable about your business to your customers while stretching your marketing dollars as far as they can go.  We will help you choose just the right combination of services, providing quality without breaking the bank.

Let Cerulean Creatives bring your business onto the world wide web where millions of people can see it. We will give your business a cohesive theme that will attract new clients.  We’ll make sure that your web presence projects a professional image that engenders confidence and trust.  We work locally to ensure the development of a twenty-first century professional culture of small businesses dedicated to serving Boise’s community.

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